"The Vilnius of Čiurlionis": Excursion Around the Old Town of Vilnius

In 1907 to 1908, M. K. Čiurlionis lived and worked in Vilnius discontinuously. In 1906, the first exhibition of Lithuanian art was held here, which was the beginning of further aspirations of Mikalojus Konstantinas to settle in Vilnius for a longer period of time – in the "Heart of Lithuania". As early as in 1906, in a letter to his brother, Čiurlionis promised to dedicate all his future works to Lithuania.

This promise was accompanied by Čiurlionis' feelings of enthusiasm and doubts, his joy at becoming a true member of the Lithuanian community, and his frustration at his own woes as an artist in that, in his own words, "still nascent" Lithuanian society – all of these concerns seemed to be in opposition to each other as he was moving to Vilnius. The life of Mikalojus Konstantinas in Vilnius was indeed emotionally varied, full of surprises, unexpected events and, of course, the great love story of his life began here.

All this and more will open to the participants of our excursion around the Old town of Vilnius called "The Vilnius of M. K. Čiurlionis". We invite you to join us for a walk through the sites of Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis's living in Vilnius, remembering the most important events of his life here.

Start: Čiurlionis House, Savičiaus St. 11
End: Rotušės Square
Duration: approximately 2 hours.
Route: Savičiaus St.,  Stiklių St., Dominikonų St., Liejyklos St., Vilniaus St., Pylimo St., Šv. Mikalojaus St., Arklių St., Aušros Vartų St., Rotušės Square.


EXCURSIONS AT THE M. K. ČIURLIONIS HOUSE: "Sofija and Konstantinas in Vilnius"

Duration of the excursion: 1 hour

The excursion introduces our creative activities at the Čiurlionis House, the history of the house and the exhibition taking place at the time, and discusses the objects on display. The room of Čiurlionis tells us about the artist's biography, his stay in Vilnius and Sofija's memories of the room. In the big hall, slides show and give more details about the places and people of Vilnius that have been connected with the Čiurlionis family.

For more information about excursions, reservations and bookings, please call us at +37064653503 or email us at mkc.namai@gmail.com


For those who would like to experience the spirit of the city on their own, the Čiurlionis House has created an app "Čiurlionis in Vilnius", which is downloadable free of charge from the Google Play and App Store. Search for "Čiurlionis in Vilnius".

Add Čiurlionis-like experiences to your usual walking routes and discover the history behind Vilnius: when, where and why did Čiurlionis pay visits? What did the city look like in Čiurlionis' eyes, and what does it look like nowadays? Did you know that there are three Čiurlionis-related sites in the capital’s Vilnius Street alone?